Friday, August 17, 2007


Well, I had my ultrasound yesterday to determine the sex of our child and of course, just my luck, they couldn't tell what it was! The baby was face down with it's butt up towards my sternum. We tried everything to get the baby to flip around, nothing worked, not drinking orange juice or rolling over on my sides, nothing. Not only were we not able to see whether it was a boy or a girl, we weren't even able to see the babies face, for some reason I'm a little worried about that. For those of you who have experienced this before, you'll understand, it's hard to explain how big of a let down this is. You hear about this happening so often to others, but that's exactly it, this happens to others, not to me. Now Rod and I don't know what to do. It's almost anti-climatic at this point, we almost feel like we don't want to know now and on top of that, if we really want to know, it'll cost us $350 (insurance only covers one ultrasound). Is it really worth it, we already know that the baby is healthy and doing well, we really are considering just waiting it out. Who knows give me a few weeks and I could totally change my mind. There is another option if we wanted, I did just hear from a friend that we can go to one of those Fetal Fotos places for about $85, I don't know, maybe it'd be more fun to wait it out!! What do you think?


happyholdaway said...

Seriously! The little critter wouldn't cooperate? That's a bummer, I knew how much you were looking forward to it. Eat something super sweet as a little bribe attempt next time. (just kidding, it doesn't help)

Robert, Karin, Mackenzie and ??? said...

Hey Katie! Congrats on expecting another baby. I think you should wait to find out. It would be fun and I know I couldn't do it so you should. (Karin Smith)

Jana said...

Katie- I'm so sorry!! I can't believe that. Well I guess you'll take either one, huh!